CAD 3.1 Software
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Manage Your Business Inventory & Sales or Home Inventory
CAD 3.1 Software
CAD 3.1 Software
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Product Description
C.A.D 3.1 is an easy to use program that lets you manage your collection or business. Or you can simply keep track of everything you own for insurance purposes. Version 3.1 is also optimized for Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X Snow Leopard.

CAD 3.1 tracks inventory, sales and expenses by location and/or category.

Easy tab interface, but power to manage your business.

* Print sales tickets, packing lists and shipping labels.

Data detail screen for each item for extra notes & auction information.

Reports by catagory and by location

Prints sale flyers and pricing labels (pick your label).

Auto back-up feature safe guards your data

Serious collectors & antique dealers will appreciate the enhanced features of C.A.D 3.1 For more information please email us at or call 8 am to 5 pm, 913-238-7384 C.S.T.

Click on the inventory screen for a better view. Click the Screen Examples button for more screen shots and details.