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A Satisfied User - We are happy to share the name of our inventory software.  It is called CAD3 -- which stands for software for "Collectors and Dealers."  It can be used on PC or Mac, is offline, and works beautifully with our rather large inventory of antiques and vintage items.  It has interactive Inventory and Sales (when you record the sale of an item, it removes it from inventory); a category for Expenses, category for Invoices, and the ability to print out many reports.  You are able to record your date of purchase, item category (art, porcelain -- whatever categories you choose) item numbers, the item description, cost, listed price, where purchased, and where listed -- even photos if you like.   When you sell an item, you are able to insert the tax if any, shipping, client name, address, any other pertinent information.   The system is capable of creating many different types of reports, and can actually act as your accounting system for your items if you choose. At any time, you can see the totals of "items in inventory," "sales," for any given period you choose.   We have been using the software for several years, and find it extremely easy to use, and now essential to the well being of our websites.  We could not get along with out it.   Additionally, you will work directly with the developer of the software whenever you need help.  He has been absolutely wonderful in helping us within hours of a problem.  For instance, we've had two failed hard drives, and he has gone the extra mile to help us transfer our data from drive-to-drive, even having us send a slightly defective flash drive and making corrections to it.  Customer Service, essentially, is superb! Here's how to contact the developer of this software, which by the way is nominally priced.  We paid $60 for it several years ago, and it is probably not much more than that now, but we cannot be certain since we have not needed to purchase anything further..... Randy Seba, Sebacom,, Kansas, 913: 238-7384.   I will send Randy a cc so that he can correct or add to the information I've provided. We give his system (which we searched for, for a long time) the highest ranking for antiques inventory software! Good luck

Rating: Excellent Comments: I started right away & was able to use it without any frustration. Easy for the average person to understand & use. I have already told others that sell antiques about it. If it had a picture of item inventory section that would be great but for what it is suppose to do I give it an TOP GRADES. Thanks Donna M. Cox Nassau Bay TX

Rating: Good Comments: The software came in a timely order and in good shape. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Gregg Esenwine - Huntsburg, Ohio

Rating: Excellent Comments: Excellent program.Order was received in a very timely manner.Installed easily and runs better than expected.The program was exactly what I needed for my business.I expect to order the up grade to the CAD program soon. Highly recommended. Lowell E. Brandenburg - Lexington, Kentucky

Rating: Good Comments: The order was shipped promptly. They kept me uptodate on what and when to expect the order. I have not installed the sotware as of yet but delivery and my expectations of the product are high. Roger Pohlmann - Monticello, IL

Rating: Excellent Comments: Works great. Would be nice to have blank areas to use as you choose. We would like to have a report and a place to track layaways. Duane Spence - Ft Collins, Colorado

Rating: Excellent Comments: Fast shipping! Great too have this service for dealers.The only software you can usually find is for malls and not dealers that may be located in more than one area. Thanks again! Hume Dental Associates - Bloomington, Illinois

Rating: Excellent Comments: I was thrilled to find an in depth inventory program for a such a reasonable price. Diane G. Williams Cabot, AR

Rating: Excellent Comments: Extremely easy to use. It doesn't have the bells & whistles of a full fledged accounting program, but perfect for the part time home seller. I returned one of those expensive difficult to use programs. Jeanette Crim - Escondido, CA

Rating: Excellent Comments: Prior to the purchase, I e-mailed with several questions & they were very responsive.I got a great detailed e-mail in return which answered my questions and made me comfortable that I was choosing the right software for my business. The software is easy to install and easy to use. Memories - 1403 S Madison Aurora, MO 65605

Rating: C.A.D.1.2 Excellent JBJ Antiques and Collectibes - 202 Twining Road Oreland, PA 19075

Rating: Excellent Comments: I have just started to use Tinkerware. I believe that it will do everything I need it to do without a lot of frills that are not needed. JOAN MILLER OQUAWKA, IL

Rating: Excellent Comments: Re: Evaluation for tinkerware-613(revised) Once a problem with shipping was found, the company acted swiftly to correct. They went above and beyond what was necessary to please me. The software seems to be as their claim. Very functional, simple to use and should be very beneficial to me as a mall dealer. Thanks, Charles Buck

Rating: Excellent Comments: I think that this is the software that I've been waiting for to get my shop organized-FINALLY!!! Thanks! Audrey Batchelder, Treasures On The Green, East Burke VT 05832

Rating: OK Comments: Seems easy to use. Good software for small antique business. I'm satisfied with my purchase. Jeannie Bousquet 347 Miller St Ludlow, MA 01056

Rating: Excellent Comments: Always nervous about new contacts on the web but this company has done a great job so far. I even called their troubleshooting line about a question I had and a live voice picked up the phone on the 2nd ring. That's always impressive. The software I bought has been good so far. Bob Lakin Books & Collectibles P. O. Box 186 Chatfield TX 75105